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Resomator S750

The patented Resomator S750....the world's first legal and operational funeral home Alkaline Hydrolysis human disposition system. The only real choice for discerning funeral directors and crematoria requiring easy design/installation, reliability, speed and excellent service support. Pure white ash every time. 

Challenges of Flame Cremation

  • Release of poisonous Mercury vapour from teeth amalgam  and other harmful air emissions  
  • Relatively high volumes of unsustainable gas is used
  • High levels of CO2 greenhouse gases produced
  • Many people do not feel comfortable with a burning based process
Resomation as well as offering the public a much needed alternative choice it totally removes ar significantly reduces the issues and challenges above. 

An excellent example of one of our installations is Bradshaws Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater Minnesota. It has been in operation for 3 years and it can be viewed on their web site link by clicking 

Environmental Comparison Study

TNO Netherlands

A very comprehensive comparative study and report by the highly acclaimed Dutch environmental analysis company TNO has shown Resomation to have the least impact on the environment over burial and flame cremation.

Out of 18 environmental impact categories chosen and reviewed Resomation was best in 17 of them and overall significantly better than burial and flame cremation demonstating very little impact at all. 

If environmental issues are important then Resomation is the right choice.

What is Alkaline Hydrolysis for Human Disposition?

In 2007 Resomation Ltd developed an award winning and patented design of an old technology that could for the first time be safely used to routinely and fully resolve a human body commercially to pure white ash. It was designed specifically to be used in a very automated manner ,unattended whilst operating in funeral homes and crematoria and be fast, safe and reliable. The Resomator S750 achieves this.   

Resomation Ltd developed the first commercial High Pressure Alkaline Hydrolysis System as an alternative to cremation and burial in response to a growing public desire for greater choice and increasing environmental awareness.

The deceased person in a special biodegradable enclosure is placed into the Resomator capsule and instead of fire, uses a water and alkali based method at high temperature and pressure – also known as high pressure alkaline hydrolysis to chemically reduce the body rapidly to white ash. The pure white sterile ash is returned to the relatives at the end just as with flame cremation.

Resomation Ltd believes absolutely based on published data that HIGH PRESSURE is needed to ensure pure white sterile ash is produced every time. The totally sealed pressurised chamber during operation ensures that all bones and ultimately ash within the chamber are treated to sterilising temperatures even in the air above the liquid  to guarantee relatives of the deceased only get white sterile ash returned to them from a safety standpoint. As important it is also microbiolgically safe for the operator and surounding environment


The unique Resomation system is the only truly proven choice for those who understand what is important for their business

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Over 1300 succesful dispositions in the USA

Achieved in over three years in three prestigious US facilities in Minnesota, California and Florida the Resomator S750 has proven itself. Delivering pure white ash every cycle, it meets demanding local water authority requirements and has an excellent in-service reliability record.   

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High Pressure Sterilisation Ability

The Resomator S750 exceeded the microbiological standards of the California Public Health Department for medical waste.The Resomator S750  is currently the only certified and accepted Alkaline Hydrolysis system for the disposition of human tissue in all anatomy departments across California.

Resomator S750

Factory Trained Engineers

Resomation Ltd maintains their equipment through their manufacturing partners LBBC.

LBBC for example always have highly skilled engineers in the USA as they already service over 30 USA based high pressure units for various applications.

Key spare parts for example in North America are maintained in an Ohio warehouse for rapid shipment.